Polish Foot and Ankle Current Concepts Program

FRIDAY 6.10.2023 

SESJA I Forefoot

Moderators: Xavier Martin Oliva, Barbara Jasiewicz, Andrzej Warzocha


8:40-8:50 Paweł Kołodziejski
Freiberg disease - diagnosis and surgical treatment.

8:50-9:00 Manfred Thomas 
Comparison of Weil and DMMO osteotomies.                                      

9:00-9:10 Paweł Chomej 
MICA - the powerful bunion correction technique. An ambulant pre-, intra-, and postoperative algorithm.

9:10-9:20 Krzysztof Bryłka
Hammer toe - review of surgical techniques in own experience.

9:20-9:30 Tomasz Bienek
Reverse chevron osteotomy in hallux rigidus treatment- alternative to arthrodesis?

9:30-9:40 Paweł Chomej
Minimally invasive therapy of pes adductus – don’t worry, it works!

9:40-10:00 Discussion

SESSION  II Arthroscopy and cartilage

Moderators: Kris Buedts, Aleksas Makulavicius, Andrzej Boszczyk


10:00-10:10 Paolo Ceccarini
Arthroscopy in acute ankle fractures : It is really useful?

10:10-10:20  Bogusław Sadlik
Osteochondral leasion in ankle joint – surgical treatment is not always necessary.

10:20-10:30 Xavier Martin Oliva
Posterior ankle arthroscopy. Technique and indications.

10:30-10:45 Discussion
10:45-11:15 Coffee break

SESSION III Ankle instability
Moderators: Donald McBride, Paweł Chomej, Paweł Kołodziejski


11:15-11:25 Manfred Thomas
Peroneal tendons reconstructions - my approach. 

11:25-11:35  Nuno Corte-Real
Ankle Instability.

11:35-11:45 Henryk Liszka

All-inside arthroscopic Bröstrom.

11:45-11:55 Andrzej Komor

Medial ankle instability.

11:55-12:10 Discussion

12:15-12:30 General Meeting of Members PFAS

12.30:-13:15 Lunch
13:30-14:10 "My journey with TAR."  Kris Buedts

SESSION IV Deltoid and flatfoot
Moderators: Federico Usuelli, Nuno Corte-Real, Marek Napiontek


14:10-14:20 Kris Buedts
Current treatment strategy of flatfoot.

14:20-14:30 Paolo Ceccarini

Current concept in deltoid ligament repair in flatfoot.
14:30-14:40 Beat Hintermann, Roxa Ruiz

Peritalar instability.

14:40-14:55 Discussion

SESSION V Joint preserving surgery
Moderators: Paolo Ceccarini, Artur Gądek, Łukasz Kołodziej 


14:55-15:05 Federico Usuelli
Joint preserving surgery for the ankle.

15:05-15:15 Aleksas Makulavicius
Supramalleolar osteotomy.

15:15-15:25 Kris Buedts

My approach to malunion of the ankle fractures.

15:25-15:35 Beat Hintermann, Roxa Ruiz

The effect of supramalleolar osteotomy on foot position.


SESSION VI  Miscellaneous
Moderators: Aleksas Makulavicius, 
Bogusław Sadlik, Krzysztof Bryłka


15:55-16:05 Beat Hintermann, Roxa Ruiz
Current treatment strategy of cavus foot.

16:05-16:15 Marek Napiontek
Malunion/non-union of great toe arthrodesis.

16:15-16:25 Barbara Jasiewicz 
Avascular necrosis of foot bones. Are they concerning only children?   

16:25-16:35 Marek Napiontek 
Tarsal coalitions with painfull flatfoot – any alternative to resection?

16:35-16:45 Łukasz Kołodziej 
The role of orthopedic surgeon in the treatment of diabetic foot.

16:45-17:00 Discussion


SATURDAY 7.10.2023

SESSION VII  Total ankle replacement
Moderators: Kris Buedts, Andrzej Komor, Henryk Liszka


9:00-9:10 Aleksas Makulavicius 
Principles of total ankle replacement.

9:10-9:20 Xavier Martin Oliva
My experience with ankle arthroplasty.

9:20-9:30 Federico Usuelli
Total ankle replacement and lateral approach: a paradigm shifting.

9:30-9:40 Beat Hintermann, Roxa Ruiz

The treatment of complications after total ankle replacement.

9:40-10:00 Discussion

Moderators: Roxa Ruiz, Henryk Liszka, Mirosław Falis


10:00-10:10 Donald McBride
Achilles tendinopathy – the algorithm of treatment Achilles tendinopathy.

10:10-10:20 Nuno Corte-Real

Chronic ruptures of the Achilles tendon.

10:20-10:30 Andrzej Warzocha

FHL- sometimes the villain is the hero.                                                                                                                           

10:30-10:50 Discussion
10:50-11:20 Coffee break

SESSION IX Fractures
Artur Gądek, Łukasz Kołodziej, Henryk Liszk


11:20-11:30 Donald McBride
Calcaneal fractures – review of surgical   treatment

11:30-11:40 Krystian Pyszel, Mirosław Falis  

Calcaneal fractures - why intramedullary nail?

11:40-11:50 Mirosław Falis, Krystian Pyszel

Open calcaneal fractures- aspects worth considering.     
11:50-12:00 Andrzej Boszczyk

Not all ankle fractures are born equal.

12:20 Closing remarks
12:30 Lunch box